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CodiePie | Less Is More
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Less is More

The Minimalistic Design concept started back in 1960 and its influence on web and media came through in early 2000 with something more specific being Flat Design. Most all UX/UI designs that are trending are primarily flat. This involves Complexion Reduction: reducing or completely removing element shadow and or border, increasing white space, as well as extracting color gives the flattening graphic effect. Even the most popular fonts follow the same formula; making it more legible and simple, such as Roboto, Helvetica, and Open Sans to name the top 3. It only gets more creative how slick it could look by minimizing options. The less you have to work with, the more creative you will have to become. High-resolution photography became a big part of the design that played as a complementary component driving the message across to ensure a successful communication with the user. One image or video clip can convey the story and direction of the design far better than extravagant graphics.

UX/UI designs are central components with fast growing tech industries, evolving to be more practical, efficient, and easier to use. Design thinking is a process in which the designer directs the developer to frame the layout and functionality toward a call to action, showcase of informative data, or toward user interest. The power of directing users and predictive influence is dependent on how well thought out the story is and how in sync the designer and developer are.

This trend brings good news for both sides of the population: the users and the anticipating and established designers. Additionally, trends potentially can create more jobs and training workshops in a shorter amount of time, specifically for the population living with mental illness. Individuals with mental illness have a harder time securing regular employment, this route increases job opportunities and drives us to press on spreading the coding, design, photography, and Adobe Suite workshops in mental health facilities. We are doing our best to be involved in our community through our vocational programs and prepare individuals for recruitment in tech positions with us and our partners.

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