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CodiePie | Ideas With Uncommon Sense Over Coffee
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Ideas With Uncommon Sense Over Coffee

Like the discovery of coffee that dates back to the 10th century, by a goat herder named Kaldi, solutions are born and discovered as creativity and curiosity fuel ideas. Mental exercises where you subtract daily necessities or addictions can play to strengthen problem-solving and critical thinking. It’s easy to become lazy in these compartments when most of us live in a societal culture where everything is handed to us, thus lowering stimuli of the Frontal Lobe that would otherwise be heightened for survival and procreational purposes. Sometimes, living in comfort is an idea killer.

When working to be productive and creative, it’s important to remove all comfort items such that block your perception of time, attention, and memory. The Temporal Lobe which is associated with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli, memory, and speech, becomes more active, allowing the flow of activity to increase in the neural pathway giving you the rich ideas that can bring great joy to lives as coffee has evidently achieved. Notice, most great ideas, all have the same winning ingredient that drives our human race, that is the release of dopamine. When your idea can be the dispensary for dopamine, you’re in business, and your idea is simply genius. Take a look at Facebook, most individuals have wrapped their lives around it, why? The same reason people drink coffee, they’re addicted to the release of dopamine.

Now that we know the winning ingredient used for all successful businesses, how do we assure our idea will stimulate users release of dopamine? Do we sell out and farm ideas like cheap cattle, by throwing half naked images of women and men, and somehow forcing relevancy in the idea? Welcome to marketing. This Hollywood culture has been played out and is losing its grip. The most eye-appealing and creative product campaigns remaining true to the message are beating competitors still stuck in the past. You don’t have to cheapen your idea or brand to give it credibility or the time and day. The compartments of our brain that would otherwise be much more receptive are becoming desensitized and conditioned to not react, thanks to nudity overload. Be true to your idea and stay clear from distracting the message, your buyers will appreciate it.

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