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CodiePie | Free Way$ To Beat The Facebook Algorithm
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FREE Way$ to Beat the Facebook Algorithm

What is a Social Media Algorithm? : A system to rank users and business pages based on their popularity (engagement)
Recently the Facebook and Instagram algorithm has been evolving rapidly, making it more sophisticated and intelligent than ever. They did this to enhance user experience. There are still ways to beat the algorithm without gaming the system.
1. Use live videos frequently.
2. Upload video directly to Facebook  – not through VIMEO or YOUTUBE.
3. Long videos are preferred.
4. Always use images or video posts over plain caption.
5. Use emojis frequently in your captions.
1. Don’t use SHARE in your caption, “please share with your friends”. Facebook will penalize you and give your next post less reach. On FB live however you can say please share because they won’t “see or “hear” that.
2. Avoid click-bait. Examples: “You won’t believe this!”, “This may shock you….”
3. Post a link to Youtube video.Video thumbnail looks ugly and takes you away from Facebook page, and they hate that.

4. Hashtag heavy caption


Kevin Naruse
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  1. June 17, 2017, 9:25 pm

    […] published on CodiePie What is a Social Media Algorithm? : A system to rank users and business pages based on their […]


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