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CodiePie | Content Is King – Media Tools
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Content Is King – Media Tools

CIS, Content is King, something we’ve frequently heard sitting in marketing workshops and seminars but what does it actually mean, and how does this apply to my business site or brand? Generating content might be easy but understanding what you can do with it, is the key to any successful online blog or business. Did you know you can sell your content feed to markets that are in need of relevant business development posts? Or how about generating more bang per visit by using your site to place privately held sponsor ads, not through the conventional use of Google Adsense. There are so many creative ways to have your site generate a steady flow of income but it takes you to do it.

Content Preparation: The You-Generation mentality can sometimes play a hindrance toward productivity in getting the expected results, so it can take gruesome hours of shutting off all devices to find your middle and generate content. Let’s not forget, our environment can influence our direction, like sound waves colliding with your eardrum, it’s important that we’re listening to the right signal and not just the noise. Our content must be relevant and packed with specific keywords that Google ranks high in quality and low in competition (Formula to successfully indexing your keywords on Google – K(h) + -K(c) = -Khc).

Media Tools: Do you have the right tools to circulate your content on specific media channels, including the three most important social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Here’s a list of third-party applications and platforms that are a must to beat let alone survive the growing competition —

Social Media: Hootsuite, CrowdFire, Commun.It, (WordPress – NextScripts: Social Media Autoposter)

CMS: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla

Plugins: (WP) Google XML Sitemaps, Yoast SEO, WP SmushIt, W3 Total Cache (Drupal) Simple XML Sitemap, Drupal SEO Tools, ReSmush.It, Boost (Joomla) JSitemap, SEOSimpleReSmush.ItJotcache

Solid Understanding of SEO: Domain Name Keywords, Metadata, Microdata, JSON-LD, Bolding Keywords, Hyperlinks, Review Ratings, Tagging, Categorizing, Generating Relevant Content.

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