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CodiePie | Integrated Body Apps
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Integrated Body Apps

Imagine a future where you’re body is wired in your app, a step before the Matrix. The Body App Market, is close, it’s an age where individuals implant a biological device, in other words WetWare. This device would have the capability to learn the individuals internal functions and dysfunctions allowing mutation and/or updates for necessary bio-managerial tasks to alter the state of its key-point purpose. The benefits are evident and gives for a whole new era of App Development and startups to make their mark. One particular app idea that comes to mind is “PreCogMission”, an app thats mission is to prevent a heart attack, stroke, seizure, migraine, headache, and so on, by monitoring the vital signs, glucose and sodium levels, hydration, and brain wave activity.

Our future seems to hold great promise in increasing the average life expectancy by 30 to 50 years by 2030, thanks to the Human Genome Project. The Human Genome Project started in 1990 – 2006, technically the project had its ideological origins in the mid-1980s, but its intellectual roots stretch back further. Alfred Sturtevant created the first Drosophila gene map in 1911. Learn more – We are at the cusp of concurring death or at the least slowing it down, excluding external forced fatality. If you look at the primary focus point on research of human DNA and its assessments, you’ll notice most of the research is aimed to preserve and secure the internal body. The next phase will be to develop the armor and shield without relying on nanotechnology.

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