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CodiePie | Vincent Gomez
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Vincent Gomez

Intern & Group Leader

Vincent started his coding journey in October of 2016. In that relatively short amount of time, he threw himself into a self-designed curriculum of study that included online courses such as FreeCodeCamp and W3schools, in-person workshops and MeetUps through CodiePie and Learn Teach Code, weekend classes offered through Girl Develop It and CodeSmith, countless video tutorials on YouTube, and of course thousands of Google searches. With diligent effort, he has gained a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and is beginning to tip his toe into backend languages.

Here is a link to his online portfolio containing all of his projects The first 8 are from FreeCodeCamp. Anything else is Vincent‘s own original ideas.

Before coding, Vincent has participated in a variety of interests including dance, yoga, math, theater, and playwriting. He has taught yoga and HS math and has written, produced, and directed 2 plays as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Vincent is excited to be coding and starting this new challenging and creative endeavor!