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This attribute controls the initiation, method callouts like Ajax and iFrame, as well as adding a light theme style. The default is dark and by simply adding "sv_light" the smartView header and gallery carousel will take effect with the color code rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.75).
ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a method of building interactive applications for the Web that process user requests immediately.
iframe (Inline Frame) is an HTML document embedded inside another HTML document on a website. The IFrame HTML element is often used to insert content from another source, such as an advertisement, into a Web page.
background_blur_none Remove the default blur effect on the smartView background overlay.
background_image_none Remove the default added smartView background image overlay for all file types excluding "Ajax" and "iFrame".
donate Add this icon rather than the default icon for the "file-support" attribute.

SmartView Source

This attribute is where you input your source file, which could be any image format, txt file, vimeo, and YouTube video url.

SmartView Media

This attribute is specific to Facebook, it allows you to input MP3s, MP4s, and other like audio and video formats.

SmartView Title

This attribute is where you can specify the title of the file, if it's empty smartView will fallback on the file source name.

SmartView Description

This attribute is where you can specify the description of the file or site. Not all social media platforms will seek this attribute.

SmartView Caption

This attribute is where you can add in a caption that will be located on the bottom left corner of the smartView viewport. If the file-description attribute is empty the caption will be the fallback for social media description requests.

SmartView Credit

This attribute is where you can add in a credit to the file owner or organization. Great for citing content.

SmartView Gallery

This attribute is very useful as it allows you to link specific buttons and generate a gallery carousel for viewing files together.

SmartView Overlay

This attribute allows you to change the background color of the smartView viewport. Great for branding specific files that coincide with the content. It also affects the Vimeo color attribute for color theme purposes. Note: If you use rgb or rgba it will automatically convert it into a hex code for Vimeo's color parameter.
i.e. rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.75) becomes #ffffff.

SmartView Background Image

This attribute allows you to add a background image for the smartView overlay. Keep in mind your image will be blurred, so you won't have to. FYI - if the SmartView Source is an Image, Vimeo, or YouTube, the default function is to grab the source to be the background image overlay but this parameter takes priority and will override it. Great for Ajax and iFrame file types that don't have the default ability to generate a blurred background image.

SmartView Support

This attribute allows you to add to the header tool menu. Great for crowdsourcing campaigns or linking to a shop where you're selling the file in full version. The default icon is but by adding "donate" to the class="smartView Support:donate" attribute the icon will change to .

SmartView Phone

This attribute allows you to add to the header tool menu. Great to receive calls from interested prospects or individuals wanting to inquire in the file. The icon is .

SmartView Bookmark

This attribute allows you to add to the header tool menu. Great to allow users to bookmark files that interest them and you'll notice the button that correlates with the file also includes a bookmark icon that's solid indicating, it's been bookmarked. The icon before being bookmarked is and after .

SmartView Trigger

This attribute allows you to trigger a specific file to open up using the window "load", "mouseenter", and "mouseleave" events. Great to catch user's attention or for a call to action. Note: The "mouseleave" event is not supported on mobile or tablet devices.

SmartView Cookie

This attribute allows you to attach a cookie to the trigger event to prevent users from seeing the smartView pop-up file after the first closing. Choose how many days you'd like to set the cookie expiration to.


This attribute must always have "javascript:void(0);" in it but if you forget, no worries SmartView will add it in automatically but for optimum performance, add it yourself.

Tweet (Not an Attribute)

Simply place the folder titled, "tweet" found in the main SmartView folder on the root directory of your site. This enables your users to tweet images from SmartView! You can change the Twitter App to your own by editing the "config.php" file found in the same "tweet" folder. Change the Consumer Key "API_KEY" and the Consumer Secret "API_SEC" to your own twitter generated encryption.

Black Tie (Not an Attribute)

You can find the secret script for the Black Tie icons library in the "black-tie-secret-script.txt" file.