This Pure JavaScript Lightweight Plugin is simple and has you rely on HTML markup, no need to code the parameters just call the smartView.min.css, [secretIconLibrary], and smartView.min.js into your project and fill in the desired data attributes (data-smartview-source is required) and you're set!

SmartView is Ajax, Hashtag and SEO friendly which means Google (Googlebots) and other major webcrawlers will treat all SmartView buttons as their own separate pages, great for enriching your content with valuable information regarding your site. SmartView is truly a smart choice! Click the buttons below to experience smartView. The simple HTML markup is in the "VIEW SOURCE" button. You can see how practical these smartView buttons are, especially when wanting to conserve space on the website and only show specific content upon request.
The button (has a cookie attached) titled "IMAGE - JPG", triggers to be opened on page load and the button below titled "CAMPAIGN", triggers to be opened when user leaves from the current page.

View Source Image - JPG Image - PNG Ajax iFrame Gallery

This Space Is Provided For Scroll Locator Purposes

If You Click On Gallery Items And They're Not In View, It Will Scroll You To Where It's Located.

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