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  • David Israelian
  • February 24, 2017



MANTIS has been evolving for the past three years and for every feature it holds, came great thought and care for its design and functionality. Our team of volunteers, interns, partners, and staff assembled in 2013 and began developing the plan on creating a WordPress theme that all newbies and seasoned developers can appreciate and utilize for all web projects. MANTIS is a multi-purpose theme not just for blogging and something that can easily scale with your growth. Our site you’re viewing is the MANTIS in action. There are so many custom plugins and modules built-in to ease the process of designing the site and not to mention amazing scripts enhancing traditional SEO.

Codie Pie's Project: Mantis Mobile-Friendly
Hello, Bloggers! Codie Pie's Mantis Project


Are you looking for a WordPress Blogger Theme? Today’s You-Generation is all about blogging, posting, and streaming live. MANTIS is the perfect platform and has built-in plugins to support your blog-ventures and video streaming with multiple medias to choose from. Our team has developed tools to quickly setup your site and role into action so you can focus on blogging. Post straight from the front-end of your site without having to travel to the dashboard section and back. MANTIS truly is an awesome theme for WordPress and makes scalability possible on a whole new level. MANTIS is worth saving your time and money. There are 6 exclusive plugins bundled in the core and always updating. Learn More