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As the CEO and an individual that identifies with mental health challenges, I rethought the mission of CodiePie, toward achieving something I wish I had during my three and a half year-long recovery process, a coding workshop. So many peers relate to my experiences and found a common need for technical skills training programs that can cross barriers and support the discovery of purpose. During my hospitalization period, I found myself coding on paper and zoning into what I believed was my center. I feel it is pertinent for the hospital staff to empathize with the patients and do their very best to support the discovery of their intent and interests while upholding the respective activities program of the hospital. Though my psychosis bent time and muddied up my memory, I do recall the countless moments I felt the steady loss of identity, increase in apathy, and the fragmentation of all things I held dear. My vision is to reflect the solution I discovered during the three and a half year-long journey of chaos, so that others may find their center and excel in their careers in tech.